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Nuestros fregaderos son más profundos y robustos para ofrerte más comodidad, sin salpicaduras.


Variable positioning:

Versatile, can be installed anywhere in the shower and can be combined with all standard tile formats.

Variety of lengths:

24”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 48” & 58”.


Made with stainless steel marine grade 316 from top to bottom.

Base options:

Pre-sloped plain or flange edge low profile channel, ideal for new and renovation projects and generally for all bathrooms where space is tight.


2” center located outlet.


Indoor and outdoor showers.

Easy cleaning:

Completely removable grate and a hair strainer that fits inside the drain to collect hair and other debris, preventing clogged pipes.

Easy installation:

Threaded adaptor with rubber O-ring aids adjusting the height of linear drain and securing the linear drain to the flange, equipped with adjustable feet on both sides, to help keep the drain channel in the correct position and level during installation.